Swiss ICT professionals pay Smart

Edenstrasse in Zurich – Learners, teachers and staff have a transponder. Staff in the form of a key, teachers and learners in the form of a card.

What these transponders have in common is that they contain the openCashFile structure. This in turn contains the amount of money that can be topped up by credit card at the beautifully designed topping-up station. The transponders are used to open doors, for time stamping and as a payment system at coffee machines and snack machines.

In the summer of 2017, the Zurich ICT Apprenticeship Association (ZLI) was able to move into a new location in the middle of Zurich. The ZLI is the cantonal sponsor of the ICT professions of IT and mediamatics in the Canton of Zurich.

The office performs the tasks as an organisation of the world of work (OdA) and works as a cantonal association on all levels of ICT education. It maintains contact with all stakeholders and implements the cooperation between learning venues as stipulated by law.

The training centre runs inter-company courses in the ICT professions of IT and mediamatics, vocational apprenticeships for adults, ICT Academy courses, vocational trainer courses, vocational trainer diploma courses and workshops.

Companies with ICT occupations in IT or mediamatics can have their first-year apprentices trained in the basic ICT apprenticeship year. The ZLI takes over the company training during this time. JumpStart is the right vehicle for ICT specialists. Both services offer an optimal start to the apprenticeship and relieve the companies of having to teach the future specialists basic skills.

The apprenticeship company network enables companies to jointly offer apprenticeships. The apprentice is trained in several companies during the apprenticeship period.

At the last world championship in Abu Dhabi in 2017, two gold medals and a diploma were won by ICT trainees – congratulations to the winners!

In accordance with the bright modern rooms of the new location, a modern payment system should also be applied. Mr. Primus Hofmann, the deputy managing director, wanted to be able to do more with a user medium at the new location. A user medium should be multifunctional.

The trump cards of the LEGIC family can be played in the project. LEGIC is the only technology platform that offers standardised structures that enable the use of multifunctional transponders across manufacturers. The transponders in use were equipped with the openCashFile structure during operation.

Participating members: EVIS AG