openCashFile (oCF)

Standards offer advantages that we do not want to do without. Those who work according to them can be sure of quality assurance, as it always guarantees the same processes. This leads to reproducible quality and process stability. In turn, this gives us a competitive edge over our market competitors, as the use of standards optimizes costs and reduces risks.

openCashFile (oCF) electronic purse

In order to create investment security and flexibility in supplier selection in the community catering and vending sector, leading payment companies have developed the standardized electronic purse openCashFile (oCF). oCF is a data structure that offers extended and overlapping functions for digital purses on virtually all smartcard technologies.

After initially developing a solution for Mifare DESfire®, openCashfile can now also be used with LEGIC advant® and thus across all systems.

oCF on the smartphone

Since employee ID cards already work on mobile devices, it is only a logical consequence to make the standardized oCF wallet available on smartphones as well. For companies, this simplifies the processes for visitors, contractors and employees enormously. For the user, mobile payment is convenient, secure and fast. The data is always protected by state-of-the-art encryption technologies, such as LEGIC neon.

The oCF standard in combination with LEGIC neon gives developers of ePayment applications such as vending machines, restaurant and self-service checkout terminals the opportunity to develop solutions that are compatible with all common smartcards and smartphones.