Common Smartcard Membership

Many enterprises have joined the Common Smartcard initiative. They include big-name companies in the smartcard industry, as well as individual professionals involved as consultants in RFID projects. All the members are committed to the Association’s goal of developing and applying common standards and data structures for their customers. As a customer, you benefit not only from greater flexibility when choosing amongst system providers, but above all from the mutual support for RFID projects.

Fields of Application

The fields of application include the catering industry, acces control, employee clocking, machine operation and micropayments.

Membership Options

Select the membership that applies to you:

Ordinary membership

Ordinary members are companies, business associations, entrepreneurs and members of the liberal professions, as well as natural persons and legal entities that are particularly committed to promoting the purpose of the association.

Associate or sustaining members are not regular members.

Extraordinary membership

Extraordinary members are organizations that pursue goals comparable to those of the Association and are willing to grant the Association membership in their organization in return.

Supporting membership

Supporting members are natural and legal persons, corporations and associations that promote and support the purpose of the association in various ways.

Membership Fees

Membership typeAdmission fee 2024Annual fee 2024
Ordinary Membership4.500,00 €650,00 €
Extraordinary Membership
Supporting Membership350,00 €

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