The Common Smartcard Solution Association (CSSA) is committed to modern closed-loop payment systems in the community catering industry that are characterized in particular by high functionality, transparency, security and flexibility in supplier selection.

With the goal of generating interest among businesses for such a solution, Common Smartcard has partnered with leading payment companies to develop openCashFile (oCF). oCF is a data structure that provides advanced and overarching functionality for digital wallets on virtually all smartcard technologies.

The advantages of oCF at a glance:

Cost savings

  • Choose the most cost-effective provider for you at any time. The technology-open standard oCF enables a flexible choice of supplier – both in the early planning phase and in the event of a later change of supplier.
  • Keep your old payment media (card / software) in use when changing suppliers. The new supplier, e.g. vending machine or card manufacturer, is also familiar with the handling of oCF.
  • The standardized wallet oCF can be integrated immediately when a multifunction card is created. This saves high initialization and encoding costs.
  • Compared to public payment systems (e.g. EC or credit card), there are no transaction-related costs.

Investment security

  • The use of oCF guarantees a high level of investment security, since you always own the keys and thus retain system sovereignty.
  • Benefit from high functionality with oCF. In addition to the payment function, the standardized wallet offers numerous additional functions, such as grant fields, deposit management or guest management. Decide for yourself whether you offer the wallet on a card or on a central server. oCF also supports mobile wallets (mobile payment).
  • Multi-applications are also possible, such as a combination of payment, access control, time recording and charging station management.
  • The standardized oCF data interfaces allow easy integration of third-party systems and thus easy maintenance.

Risk minimization

  • Reduce the liability risk compared to proprietary non-disclosed wallets in case of manipulation by the operator through the standardized oCF wallet
  • The non-proprietary structure of oCF guarantees system sovereignty with the customer at all times, reducing the risk of failure, e.g. caused by an unexpected supplier defection.
  • The interoperability of oCF will also be ensured in the future by the permanent further development of the standardized wallet by CSSA and leading payment experts.
  • The standardized oCF data interfaces facilitate the adoption of existing systems.

Security and data protection

  • oCF supports an anonymous payment function analogous to cash payment. This facilitates the cooperation with corporate co-determination bodies, as there is no assignment of personal data.
  • The security of the standardized wallet oCF is guaranteed using cryptographic encryption in accordance with current standards.
  • Traceable transaction logs make oCF tamper-proof.

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