New look for Common Smartcard website

08.08.2013 15:19

Informative and user-friendly is how best to describe the new website of the Common Smartcard Solutions Association (Industrieverband für einheitliche Smartcard-Lösungen e.V.). The heart of the site is its “responsive” design. This means it detects the kind of device being used for access and structures the website appearance accordingly, i.e. the arrangement and presentation of individual elements, such as navigation, sidebars and text. The visitor gets to know the Association online in a “barrier-free” experience.

Providing detailed information on all aspects of the Association’s work is the key aim. In addition to an animated explanatory film, the latest news on members and press releases, the user can also follow Common Smartcard interactively on Twitter, Xing and Youtube. For members of the Association, there is also an internal forum for discussing activities within the network.

“The relaunch of our website is the start of a new public image, which also includes new Association brochures and trade fair materials. This will give a strong boost to the work of the Association”, enthuses Walter Neuhaus, Chairman of Common Smartcard.


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