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CashControl Kassensysteme GmbH

Online. Cashless. Smart.

Professional cash register and accounting software for community catering!

CashControl Kassensysteme GmbH has been developing specialised accounting and cash register software for modern catering since 1991. The focus here is on fast and cashless payment at the point of sale using smart cards from all leading payment systems or mobile apps. CashControl products are now standard in the community catering industry.

With our new, browser- and cloud-based software CashControl Live, we are setting new standards. CashControl offers a secure and innovative accounting and cash register system. The CashControl products prove themselves daily with the top players in the catering and operating sectors.

With our sales partners, we have realised over 2000 projects to date. Our partner network also guarantees perfect end customer service and support.


CashControl Kassensysteme GmbH
Rathausplatz 8
53604 Bad Honnef

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