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BDV e.V.

The Bundesverband der Deutschen Vending-Automatenwirtschaft e.V. (Federal Association of the German Vending Industry). (BDV) is the leading trade association of manufacturers of vending machines for beverages and catering and of vending machine service providers (“operators”) and food manufacturers operating in this sector.

The BDV has about 350 members, about 200 of which are independent vending machine service providers, mostly regionally active, medium-sized companies. All in all, the vending machine service providers belonging to the BDV make up about 2/3 of the entire market.

The social importance and recognition of the sale of goods and services through vending machines (vending) in the public is higher than ever before. The Federal Association of the German Vending Machine Industry e.V. (BDV) represents the vending industry in politics, media, economy and society.

The BDV has a high proportion of active members from different sectors of the economy, who are united by the idea of service for vending. The members are active in numerous bodies, committees, project and expert groups of the association and make important contributions to the sustainable professionalisation of the industry.


Bundesverband der Deutschen Vending-Automatenwirtschaft e.V.
Universitätsstraße 5
50937 Köln
Phone: +49 (0) 221 44 79 68

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