Founding member: Congratulations on 30 years of Hug-Witschi

It is now three decades since Markus Hug and Martin Witschi founded Hug-Witschi AG, based near Bern, after completing their engineering studies. After only two years, the company was divided into the business areas of IT services and hardware and software engineering. The IT division serves small and medium-sized enterprises in the region. The IT services offered range from installation to support.

Founded HugWitschi AG 30 years ago: Markus Hug and Martin Witschi.

Founded Hug-Witschi AG 30 years ago: Markus Hug and Martin Witschi.

In the field of engineering, the IT specialists initially developed customer-specific solutions in the industrial sector. In 1989, they began developing the universal vending machine control system Euro’90 for Selecta. 1997 saw the development of the VMI (Vending Machine Interface), which was marketed in Switzerland and Germany under the name DIVA from 2000 onwards. In 2008, the second generation of the controller family was launched with DIVA2. Since then, the product portfolio has been steadily expanded. The innovative solutions include vending machine and cash register readers as well as various charging stations. In the software area, products are created in the areas of billing, configuration and cloud services.

Hug-Witschi currently employs 19 people in its current premises in Bösingen. The IT, payment technology, production and administration departments are spread over 3 floors. To date, about 100 customer projects have been successfully implemented with the oCF data structure and about 100,000 oCF cards have been delivered. With Mifare DESfire, Hug-Witschi relies exclusively on the state-of-the-art standard.

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