Common Smartcard wins IT Innovation Award

The Industry Association for Common Smartcard Solutions e.V. has won the Innovation Award-IT 2014 of the Initiative Mittelstand in the AutoID/RFID category. The award-winning solution openCashfile on smartcards convinced the 100-member jury of experts and thus belongs to the top group out of more than 5,000 submitted applications. The standardised card data structure openCashfile enables card system providers, such as POS and vending machine suppliers, to work according to the same structures. The advantages are primarily for the end customer. After completion of the respective project, the end customer is given sovereignty over the access keys, finds a lower system complexity and has a larger choice of suppliers.

In RFID-based card projects, such as the introduction of contactless payment in canteens, the client usually finds confusing proprietary structures. These result from the fact that in the past there were no cross-system card structures with the necessary broad functional support and thus the system providers defined their own structures. As a result, companies are usually tied to one provider, which makes interoperability and changing products or providers difficult. The standardised card data structure openCashfile, on the other hand, ensures transparency. By handing out access keys, the client can also obtain system components from different providers. In addition, existing card solutions can continue to be used, as the openCashfile data structure can simply be additionally applied to the existing cards. Thus, the openCashfile card structure is also suitable for multi-application applications.hardware and software are compatible with each other and secure. The open chip card standard is used in a wide variety of areas, such as gastronomy, payment, time recording and access control.

“We are very pleased to have won the Innovation Award IT 2014 in the AutoID/RFID category. I am sure that this will further promote the awareness of our standardised card data structure openCashfile. The openCashfile solution is available for both MIFARE Desfire® and LEGIC® advant. Further development steps are planned for 2014,” explains Walter Neuhaus, Chairman of the Industrieverband für einheitliche Smartcard-Lösungen e.V. (Industry Association for Common Smartcard Solutions).

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The industry association for uniform smartcard solutions Common Smartcard is an institution that serves to promote common data structures for RFID applications in order to enable compatible hardware and software solutions. It was founded in April 2011 with headquarters in Munich after an extensive preparatory phase. In doing so, the association promotes the dissemination of the uniform card structures through various marketing activities, such as information events, articles in trade magazines and joint trade fair appearances.

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