Common Smartcard member honoured with Red Dot Award

The EVIS RFID table reader unit for cash register systems Manta was entered for the Red Dot Design Award and was able to prevail against competitors and global brands such as Google, Apple, Sony, LG or Phillips and received the award “Red Dot Award: Product Design Winner 2016”.

The EVIS Manta was tested for, among other things, degree of innovation, formal quality, functionality, durability and ecological compatibility and was able to convince the world-class jury. With 41 independent experts from all over the world, the largest Red Dot jury ever selected the best products of 2016. This was no easy task, as the Red Dot Award recorded the highest number of submissions in its history, with well over 5,000 products. Among the jury members were renowned names such as ICE and Transrapid designer Alexander Neumeister, fashion icon Jimmy Choo and car design legend Chris Bangle.

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