About us

There are countless projects around the world where smartcards make everyday processes simpler, more reliable and more secure. For example, payment in the canteen, time recording or access control. For the whole thing to work, the mostly contactless cards need a specific encoding. Here, people are often stuck with one provider. That’s why the industry association Common Smartcard is promoting common data structures for RFID applications.

The ultimate goal is the interoperable use of hardware and software in RFID projects. The heart of this is the standardized openCashfile data structure stored on the card. This enables all card system providers, such as POS and vending machine suppliers, to work according to the same structures. The benefits are primarily encounterd by the end customer. Once the project has been completed, the end customer has control over the access keys, the whole system is less complex and he has a wider choice of suppliers. In addition, existing card solutions can continue to be used, since the openCashfile card structure can simply be used on existing cards. Multi-applications are therefore also possible.

Our goals include defining standardized data structures for RFID applications, defining device interfaces, promoting and disseminating developments, maintaining specifications, rules and their further development, ensuring compliance with specifications and rules, and ensuring access rights to the applications. We also focus on intensive press and public relations work. Since its foundation, numerous placements in the trade media have already been realized.

Members’ testimonials

“Membership of Common Smartcard has a special significance for us. As one of the leading card manufacturers in Germany, we have an interest in uniform data structures for RFID projects. Above all, uniform standards create greater freedom of choice.”

Marcus Stamer, Key Account Manager bei PAV

“The industry is showing a clear shift in thinking – away from closed, proprietary cashless solutions – toward open standards that bring more transparency and options for end users in their product choices.”

Martin Witschi, Hug-Witschi AG

“When advising casino and project managers, we have found that the standardized “openCashfile” wallet is pushing open doors. This goes so far that they recommend it among professional colleagues in other companies. In this way, the decision in favor of openCashfile has already been made without any prior consulting or supplier contact.

Sergio Blaser, Blaser Consulting