About us

The Common Smartcard Solutions Association is dedicated to fostering common data structures for RFID applications. Our aim is to achieve compatibility of hardware and software solutions. In many contactless security applications, customers are confronted with confusing data structures. This makes it difficult to switch product or provider. Common standards, in contrast, allow greater transparency and more freedom of choice.

Lights on for common data structures:

  • Defining common data structures for RFID applications
  • Defining device interfaces
  • Fostering and disseminating advancements
  • Further development and updating of specifications and rules
  • Ensuring compliance with specifications and rules
  • Providing access control to applications
  • Contributions in trade journals, websites, trade fairs

The standardised Open Cashfile structure is composed of various data fields. These may include a pin code for user authentication, for example, or a deposit counter, in addition to the obligatory fields for payments, such as currency code or the amount of credit on the card.


“Membership in Common Smartcard is a matter of special importance for us. As one of the leading card producers in Germany, we have an interest in standardised data structures for RFID projects. Above all, common standards provide greater freedom of choice”, explains Marcus Stamer, Key Account Manager at PAV (a member company).

“The industry is clearly rethinking – away from closed, proprietary cashless solutions and towards open standards that provide final customers with greater transparency and freedom to choose amongst different products”, says Martin Witschi, Hug-Witschi AG (member of the Association and it´s governing board)