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Coges S.P.A

experience + innovation

With over forty-five years in the vending industry, Coges is a European leader in the design and manufacture of cashless and cash payment systems for vending machines. The use of cashless payment systems makes it possible to set a differentiated pricing policy in vending machines, to anticipate revenue from sales and to reduce cash handling costs, while providing accurate accounting data. Coges‘ cashless systems use the best of MIFARE and LEGIC technologies or its proprietary encrypted system. Coges aims to be a leader in the European market for automated payment systems and vending connectivity services. Through its payment APPs and IoT cloud services, Coges offers a range of excellent and reliable solutions, building on its unique competencies, focusing on innovation, adopting advanced management systems, and thanks to the unwavering commitment of its staff and external collaborators and its long-standing and trusted relationships with key customers and suppliers.


Coges S.P.A
Via G. Leopardi 23
+39 0444 1329065

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